Disturbing story behind shocking photo of woman bound and gagged

A disturbing photo has emerged of a female worker bound and gagged to a chair in scenes that resemble a kidnapping.

Canadian national DeeAnn Fitzpatrick was pictured with gaffer tape over her mouth and body as she was strapped to a chair while working at Marine Scotland.

The shocking photo is thought to have been taken by one of the perpetrators.

Ms Fitzpatrick, 48, said she was the victim of daily racism and misogyny from the men at the Government-run fishery in Scrabster, Thurso.

When she complained about how she had been tied up to one of her managers, she was apparently told that it was simply “boys being boys”, according to the BBC.

DeeAnn Fitzpatrick was pictured tied up and gagged after reportedly complaining about the men at her workplace. Source: BBC

According to documents, the manager said he would have “a word” with the men involved adding: “I am sure they meant no harm and that was the boys just being boys”.

Ms Fitzpatrick alleges that she was the victim of a campaign of intimidation for 10 years and she has now brought an employment tribunal case against the Scottish government, which is responsible for the fishing watchdog.

Despite the shocking nature of the picture, taken in 2010, it cannot be used as evidence because it happened three years before the case was brought.

Ms Fitzpatrick’s sister-in-law Sherry Fitzpatrick said that the picture still needed to be made public.

“We were horrified. We were sickened. We worry about what this has done to her,” she told BBC.

“She’s not giving up and now her family is behind her, and we’re not giving up until someone is made accountable for their actions.”

Ms Fitzpatrick claims she faced daily racism and threatening behaviour. Source: BBC

Labour MSP Rhoda Grant, who has been helping Ms Fitzpatrick in her case, added: “It’s horrific. I’m kind of speechless. It seems to me that it’s out of control.”

Scotland’s first minister has expressed horror at the image of a Scottish government employee gagged and taped to a chair in an alleged bullying incident by her colleagues.

Nicola Sturgeon has ordered a review into the case of Ms Fitzpatrick, adding that she was “absolutely horrified at the photograph and that

“Bullying, abuse, sexism, racism have no place in any workplace and let me be very clear today: they will not be tolerated within the Scottish Government or within our agencies,” the Scottish leader said.