'Distraught' kangaroo's desperate act after joey hit on road

The joey had been left dead on the road, putting her protective mother in danger.

A kangaroo has been photographed desperately trying to revive her baby after it was run over by a car and left in the middle of the road near a housing estate north of Melbourne.

Another motorist stopped his car and moved the joey into the stopping lane to stop the protective mother also being hit. The image was snapped moments after volunteer wildlife rescuer Krysti Severi arrived, following a call to help at 5:21am.

“It was really sad. The little girl had passed. Her right leg had snapped, she had blood down her face and you could feel she had trauma to that area,” Krysti told Yahoo News Australia. “I let mum have some time with her. She was just beside herself. You could see the panic in her that she couldn’t get her baby up. She was so distraught."

Left - the mother hopping over to her joey dead on the ground. Right - the mother standing over the body of her joey.
A kangaroo has been photographed grieving over the body of her joey. Source: Supplied

The collision occurred in the suburb of Wollert on Saltlake Boulevard which Krysti describes as an “absolute drag strip”. Despite the area once having a thriving population of kangaroos, much of the region is being transformed by developers into housing estates.

Krysti, a busy mother of two, has had to euthanise injured kangaroos on the boulevard at least four times. Despite it having a 50 km/h speed limit, one death was so horrific she describes it as “probably the worst hit” she’s ever seen.

Council urged to install speed humps

While there are some roundabouts on the road, hoons are frequently seen swerving around them. With more development flagged for the area, Krysti has urged the City of Whittlesea, which is responsible for the boulevard, to install speed humps.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to City of Whittlesea for comment on Wednesday, then again on Friday, however a response was not received before deadline.

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