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Horrific find on top of Aussie bus shelter: 'There are weirdos out there'

A discovery inside the dead wallaby left the veteran wildlife rescuer fuming.

A NSW woman was in "disbelief" after finding a female wallaby with multiple broken bones on top of a bus shelter on Saturday. When she took a closer look, a crucial discovery left her "disgusted".

Posting an image of the wallaby to Facebook, Inga Tiere, a volunteer with WIRES wrote “There are some weirdos out there".

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia on Monday, Ms Tiere said she had been driving home through remote Razorback, southwest of Sydney, when she made the find. She initially feared the wallaby could be alive and suffering, but after carrying it down to the ground she realised it had passed. “I can only hope it was already deceased when they threw it up there," she said.

A dead wallaby was found on top of a bus shelter (left) in the remote town of Razorback (right). Source: Inga Thiere/Google Earth
A dead wallaby was found on top of a bus shelter (left) in the remote town of Razorback (right). Source: Inga Tiere/Google Earth

During her examination of the body, Ms Tiere discovered multiple fractures, leading her to believe it had been the victim of a vehicle strike.

Shocking find in wallaby's pouch angers rescuer

But it was when she looked inside the wallaby’s pouch that her blood truly began to boil. “There was a teat that still had milk and there was a piece of the joey, probably a back leg, still in the pouch," she said. "It would have only been the size of your middle finger.”

Disturbingly the rest of the joey was nowhere to be found. Ms Tiere doubts a bird or an animal removed the young joey because there were no marks or scratches on the pouch. "The joey is missing. It has been taken. It’s quite disgusting to do something like that, I believe," she said.

Ms Tiere conducted 13 rescues on that day, a sad but regular occurrence for the veteran volunteer. She is urging anyone who finds a dead marsupial by the side of the road to contact WIRES or their local animal rescue group. “A joey can survive for up to three days,” she said.

On January, 26 Ms Tiere was honoured by Wollondilly Council as Environmental Citizen of the Year.

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