Devastating scenes after Lamborghini 'smashes into pedestrians' when street race goes wrong

Melissa Hills

This is the harrowing aftermath of a street race in Indonesia that went terribly wrong, killing one pedestrian.

Wiyang Lautner 24, was arrested after he allegedly lost control of his Lamborghini supercar while racing against a Ferrari, hitting a middle-aged couple and a street vendor waiter in Surabaya, East Java.

The driver can be seen hanging out of the car after the crash. Photo: YouTube

Footage has emerged of the seconds after the crash which show a devastating scene with the driver hanging out of the car window texting and making phone calls.

It is unclear why he was on the phone and if he was trying to get help.

Police say Lautner allegedly mowed down Mujianto, 44, Srikanti, 41, and her husband 51-year-old Kuswanto whose body was dragged along the street before the car crashed into a tree.

The terrible scene was the crash was very graphic. Photo: YouTube

Lautner is seen hanging out of the car window looking around at the scene of carnage on the street.

Married couple Kuswanto and Srikanti were on the side of the road buying some bottles of milk from street vendor Mujianto when they were allegedly hit by the supercar.

A man in the street is seen trying to help an injured lady. Photo: YouTube

Srikanti and Mujianto were left with broken legs after the crash and can be seen on the footage lying helpless in the road as passersby try and help.

Police reportedly detained Lautner and further investigation into the crash is ongoing.