Detail in public barbecue photo sparks anger: 'Un-Australian'

If you're bothered by the state of this shared amenity, you're not alone.

The disgusting condition in which a public barbecue was left at the family-friendly Frew Park in Brisbane has sparked outrage among Aussies and raised questions about etiquette surrounding shared amenities.

A photo of the filthy barbecue was shared on Reddit this week alongside the caption, "Seriously? Feel like I stumbled across a crime scene". The picture shows the hotplate blackened by burnt-on food, and the surrounding bench top area littered with soft plastics, food scraps and even discarded utensils.

Dirty public barbecue
The filthy state of a public barbecue in Brisbane has outraged Aussies. Source: Reddit/Legitimate-Street250

The scene triggered a strong response, with outraged users calling the act "un-Australian". "That's definitely a crime. How gross are these people?" someone commented. "This is why we can't have nice things," added another.

Meanwhile others took the opportunity to make light of the situation. "Leaving $7 worth of cheese behind in this economy is just crazy," joked one person.

'Please have some decency'

The state of the barbecue also prompted a wider discussion about shared facilities. "Public service announcement: if you're going to use public utilities such as this, leave it the way you found it or in better condition than you found it. Please have some decency," demanded one Reddit user.

Others voiced concern that such incidents would lead to the decommissioning of public facilities. "And people wonder why councils are removing public BBQ facilities," someone said.

Although Brisbane City Council cleans the barbecues in its 420 parks on a regular basis, Redditors generally agreed that park visitors should be responsible for leaving public amenities clean after use.

However some revealed they know people who refuse to clean up after themselves as they believe it's the job of local councils. "My Australian grandparents used to say this too. They thought they were creating employment," one person shared.

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