Democratic Lawmaker Shreds GOP Politicians For 'Slavish Devotion' To Trump 'Delusion'

A Democratic lawmaker is calling out her Republican colleagues for embracing Donald Trump when he returned to Capitol Hill last week, scene of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection carried out by the former president’s supporters.

“I think it’s nauseating to see such slavish devotion to delusion,” Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-Calif.) said on MSNBC on Sunday, adding:

Here is the chief engineer behind the Jan. 6 insurrection walking past Capitol Police and House floor employees ― who protect us and help us every single day, and whose lives he put at risk ― to go and talk to sycophant Republicans in the House and in the Senate in the only language he knows: quid pro quo.

Kamlager-Dove warned Republicans that Trump’s “quid pro quo” approach generally doesn’t work out for everyone else.

“Look how that helped Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani, Herman Cain,” she said.

She issued a stark warning about how the GOP’s embrace of Trump’s agenda in exchange for his endorsement will hurt Americans.

See the full interview below: