The degrading tests aspiring female cops in Indonesian are forced to undergo

Women wanting to be police women in Indonesia have been forced to undergo humiliating ‘virginity tests’ as part of their job applications.

While the tests are not officially recorded, ‘virginity testing’ still occurs under the guise of “psychological” examinations, for “mental health and morality reasons” Human Rights Watch has said.

The practice was first revealed by Human Rights Watch report based on interviews with Indonesian female applicants for the police force.

Indonesian women are forced to undergo degrading tests to join the police force. Source: Getty (file pic)

“Medical associations should put Indonesia’s armed forces and police on notice that ‘virginity tests’ are a form of violence against women- not a credible medical practice,” Nisha Varia, women’s rights advocacy director said in a statement.

“The groups should also inform their members that any physician who inflicts ‘virginity tests’ on women or girls violates the medical principle of ‘do no harm’ and may face professional discipline.”