Photo reignites debate over 'sneaky' police tactic

A debate over a “sneaky” tactic used by Queensland Police on undercover vehicles has reignited a debate on social media.

A photo of an unmarked police car, disguised as a family vehicle complete with My Family stickers on the back windscreen, was posted on Reddit on Monday.

Many commented and said the photo of the Hyundai i40 was “deceptive”.

“Having an unmarked car is fine. But this crosses the line into deliberate deception,” one person said.

“They lose trust when they effectively lie.”

A picture of an unmarked police car in Queensland has sparked outrage. Source: Reddit

Another said: “If they just made an effort to get more marked patrol cars moving around in traffic, you’d catch the actual d***heads and ensure everyone else is being good.”

Others however defended the decision to use a car disguised as a family vehicle.

“I’ve no problem with undercover cops and whatever they do to make themselves more undercover,” one said.

“More chance of catching the idiots on their phones weaving in their lane.”

Another said: “I’m all for police doing whatever they need to do, to stop idiots endangering the lives of others.”

Queensland Police told Yahoo7 they had a number of strategies to reduce trauma on roads. A total of 138 people have died on Queensland roads this year.

“There is clear evidence that increasing the chance and uncertainty of detection is a powerful motivator in changing peoples’ driving habits,” a police spokesperson said.

“The very nature of a covert vehicle is to ensure that it doesn’t stand out, that it is inconspicuous and it looks like any other vehicle parked on the side of the road.

“Motorists need to ensure they are travelling at or below the signed speed limit and conforming with all road rules.

“Unmarked vehicles are used anywhere, anytime in Queensland to detect offences and enhance safety on Queensland roads.”