Deaf dog missing for five days miraculously found alive

A deaf, elderly dog has miraculously survived after going missing for five days when she was trapped in a ravine.

Sadie, a 17-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, ran off her lead at Sleeping Giant State Park in the US state of Connecticut on Friday, NBC reports.

The pooch’s owner Chris Roush appealed for help on Facebook.

Sadie this dog went missing in Sleeping Giant State Park , Connecticut on Friday last week. Source: CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers

“We would like to canvas the rocky area between the tower and the green trail,” Mr Roush wrote on Saturday.

“That’s difficult terrain, but it’s the last place she was seen.”

Sadie’s owner spent days searching for her.

Drones, cameras and other tracking equipment was used to find the dog.

The dog is found by volunteer Steve Tobey. Source: Steve Tobey/ NBC

On Wednesday, Steve Tobey who was assisting in the search for Sadie found the pooch.

“I was just praying that I would find something and I stopped in a spot and the dog started barking. I thought it was on a ledge but it was under the ground," he told NBC.

Sadie had somehow fallen down a ravine.

The fire department rescues Sadie. Source: Twitter/ Hamden Fire Department

With the help of the Hamden Fire Department, Sadie was pulled from the ravine and is now back home.

Mr Roush wrote on Facebook, his dog has been taken to the vet and was suffering from dehydration.

Sadie, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, lies on the ground as her owner Chris Roush sits with her. The dog was missing for five days in Sleeping Giant State Park. She's deaf and fell down a ravine but somehow survived.

“She cannot stand at this point, but she does not appear to have any broken bones,” he wrote.

“She does have a lot of cuts on one leg. She is on an IV and will stay overnight at least one night.”

Sadie’s owner thanked those who helped find his dog along with the fire department adding he and his wife are “extremely thankful.”

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