Dashcam of bus swiping car sparks furious debate: 'Who is at fault?'

Drivers were divided on who was in the wrong.

A dashcam video of a Sydney bus swiping a car as it turns left at a roundabout has sparked furious debate as a man questioned whether his friend driving the car was at fault.

In a video posted to Reddit, the car is seen driving in a double lane next to a bus travelling in the same direction.

The bus is sitting in the right-hand lane waiting to turn left at the roundabout, and the car sneaks up beside the bus in the left-hand lane, also wanting to turn left.

In the video, the bus is seen swiping the car as it turns left out of the tunnel.

"Who is at fault? Driver or bus?" the Redditor asked.

The post garnered hundreds of comments from people with differing opinions as to who was in the wrong, with many suggesting it was the driver's fault.

A bus swiped a car as it went to turn left at a roundabout. Source: Reddit/eyezonli
A bus swiped a car as it went to turn left at a roundabout. Source: Reddit/eyezonli

"Driver. Bus has a big sign on the back reading, 'Do not overtake turning vehicle'. Heavy vehicles are permitted to use multiple lanes for a reason – and that sign exists on them for a reason," one stated.

"Your friend is at fault. The bus was in front. Every driver should know buses may need to borrow the adjacent lane so they have sufficient space to turn. That does not mean you can enter the gap while they’re turning hence the “Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle” notices you see," another said.

"Given how narrow the lanes are and how wide buses are, one should assume a bus may intentionally or unintentionally cross into your lane to complete the turn.

"Even without that notice, it should be common sense not to squeeze into the small space with a large vehicle next to you that’s heavy enough to squish your car like a bug."

Others however claimed the bus driver was not completely faultless in the incident.

"The bus driver also has a duty of care to avoid this accident. This accident can easily be avoided by doing what is called 'straddling the lanes' to prevent the car coming up the inside, perfectly legal to do in a heavy vehicle so they are both partly to blame," one commented.

"I am an ex-bus driver of 25 years who drove through this roundabout a million times and never had this happen because I prevented cars from being able to come up the inside of me."

"The bus driver would very unlikely be deemed faultless here. They have failed to take reasonable care to avoid this in their positioning and observance," another claimed.

"Ultimately I think the car is at fault but the bus could do more," a third added.

The NSW Government warns drivers on its website that heavy vehicles may need to take up more than one lane when turning at intersections and roundabouts.

"Make sure you give them enough room. Do not assume they can stay completely in their own lane," the website states.

"Do not put your vehicle in the path of a large, heavy vehicle when it’s turning – you may be crushed.

"It’s safest to stay behind and wait until the vehicle has completed the turn."

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