Pedestrian's shocking act in middle of the road: 'IDIOT'

The Brisbane driver was left stunned after the man's sudden decision to run into oncoming traffic.

A frustrated driver has taken to social media to help identify a pedestrian who walked into oncoming traffic on a busy road in Brisbane and purposefully ran into their car.

Footage of the incident captured on the car’s dashcam, which was uploaded on a popular Facebook page, showed the car was cruising along McCullough Street in Sunnybank when a man wearing a black tee and baseball cap ran into the car and jumped up on the bonnet.

“What the hell?!” the driver of the car could be heard saying seconds before the pedestrian rolled onto the hood of the car. The driver briefly stopped while the pedestrian appeared to have walked away unscathed.

Dash cam footage captured the moments when a pedestrian ran straight onto a car's path in Sunnybank, Queensland. Credit: Facebook
Dash cam footage captured the moments when a pedestrian ran straight onto a car's path in Sunnybank, Queensland. Credit: Facebook

"Can anyone help me identify this idiot?" the driver asked viewers on the page. “It's being assessed as an 'at-fault' claim because I wasn't able to get his details (it wasn't safe to).”

The incident happened on Saturday, December 17 at about 6:40 pm, according to the dashcam timestamp. Sunnybank Police told Yahoo News Australia it has not been reported to them and did not give any comment.

Video stuns social media viewers

The footage however, has been shared 477 times on Facebook and has garnered over 2,800 comments in a matter of hours.

“I hit someone with my car and all I got was this free hat,” someone joked, referring to the pedestrian’s baseball cap that landed briefly on the hood of the car before it eventually blew off.

“I would've backed up and had another go, if he wants an insurance scam happy to do the job properly,” another person commented.

“Hat guy is completely cooked. I would not have stopped at the location but would have called 000 immediately further down the street and reported it, citing I don’t feel it was safe considering he threw himself into your car and then got back up,” someone advised.

“Take this to Police in that Local Police Command and make a statement. You may get in strife, but they also understand why you left the scene.”

What the law says

While drivers are usually to blame for many accidents involving pedestrians, there are instances where a pedestrian may be partially or wholly to blame.

Drivers and pedestrians are expected to obey traffic laws and the rules of the road when using streets, highways and crosswalks. Pedestrians may be considered partly at fault if they were not easily visible to the vehicle, were crossing the road illegally or recklessly or were intoxicated, Australian law firm LHD Lawyers say on their website.

A driver would be considered at fault if they were intoxicated behind the wheel, did not exercise reasonable care behind the wheel and were speeding or breaking road rules at the time of the accident.

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