WATCH: Drunk pensioner loses licence after smashing into parked vehicles

An elderly woman has lost her licence after dashcam footage showed how she smashed into four parked vehicles in the space of two minutes, while driving along a quiet suburban street.

Carol Rose, 71, was nearly twice the limit when she drove her Toyota Aygo on a rampage, failing to stop after she hit the first three parked vehicles.

Dashcam footage shows how the pensioner hit a kerb before crashing into numerous vehicles, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake as she continued driving on.

Dashcam footage shows how the elderly woman smashed into four parked vehicles in the space of two minutes, driving along a quiet suburban street. Picture: Liverpool Express

The shocking footage shows how Rose mounted a footpath before driving on the wrong side of the road and clipping the mirror.

But the appalling driving doesn't stop there. Her vehicle can be seen crashing into a parked Jeep Cherokee, sending debris flying.

Recklessly crashing through the neighbourhood at 3.40pm, it was lucky Rose didn't hit children and parents leaving a school for children with disabilities, as she passed, the The Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Debris were sent flying after the driver crashed into a Toyota. Picture: Liverpool Express

The court heard police called her rampage “horrendous”, saying the driver only came to a stop after she drove into the back of a truck and got stuck.

The woman's attorney Eric Lamb said his client was genuinely remorseful and had no previous convictions and a clean driving record since passing her driving test in 1967, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Judicial officer Recorder Graham Wells told Rose her driving was “awful” and noted she was almost twice the limit despite Rose claiming she had only drunk two glasses of wine.

Her vehicle only stops after she slammed into the back of a parked truck. Picture: Liverpool Express

She agreed, saying: “I know it was, it was dreadful.”

Recorder Wells said it was lucky nobody was hurt or killed when she collided with four vehicles.

"The last vehicle was on your side of the road and you drove straight into the back of it.

“It was scary to see bits of cars flying up in the air. It was scary to see you were on the pavement and missing the lamp posts by inches," he said

The woman was banned for driving for three years and will need to retest before getting behind the wheel again. Picture: Liverpool Express.

Rose was given eight months in prison, suspended for two years as well as mandatory rehabilitation.

The pensioner was also banned from driving for three years and must take an extended retest before ever getting behind the wheel.