WATCH: Truckie shares his heart-stopping near miss on NSW road

Dashcam has captured an incredible near-miss collision between a truck and two four-wheel drive vehicles on a rural road in NSW's west.

The truck driver, known as Mark, provided the video to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page after the nail-biting incident near Cobar.

The overtaking vehicle came within just inches of the other four-wheel drive and the b-double, narrowly avoiding collision. Photo: Facebook / Dash Cam Owners Australia

"An unbelievable near miss I had on the Barrier Highway about 60kms west of Cobar, in a b-double," he wrote.

"Patrol pulls out just as in comes into frame then swerves. I hit the brakes hard but loaded at 57 tonnes, I could only steer past. Can't go off bitumen as road edge drops 3-6 inches and is very soft. Somehow we all fit with an inch between his mirror and my trailers. Neither car stopped. You can hear me start breathing again!"

The overtaking vehicle is seen metres down the road before the near-miss. Photo: Facebook / Dash Cam Owners Australia

The truckie can be heard letting out a big sigh of relief after the vehicles pass and he's left unscathed.

Footage of the scary encounter has been viewed almost 140,000 times and has over 800 comments.

Many appear to be left scratching their heads wondering how the driver of the overtaking vehicle didn't see the oncoming truck and several commenters are grateful that no one was injured.