Dash cam catches moment speeding driver almost kills two men

Ben Brennan and Yahoo7

This is why it always pays to pay attention on the road, whether you’re behind the wheel or just standing beside the motorway.

Two drivers in Fairfield in the US are lucky to be alive after a black Nissan travelling at high speed smashed into a car on the roadside.

The pair had been standing nearby assessing the damage from an earlier collision.

The two men were assessing damage from a previous crash when the second car roared into shot. Photo: Screenshot

The driver of the Nissan was charged with several driving offences as well as a reckless endangerment criminal charge.

Police dashcam captured to terrifying moment of impact. Photo: Screenshot

According to Connecticut law, drivers on a highway must reduce their speed to below the posted speed limit and move on lane over when approaching the scene of an accident.

Cyclists cheat death

A pair of cyclists were lucky to survive after a pair of trucks crashed right next to them as they rode along the side of a road.

Dash cam footage shows a truck lose control of its rear, which then strays into the path of another on-going vehicle.

The riders emerge unscathed from the shower of dust and debris that engulfs them.

Mother with pram in miraculous near miss

A mother and her baby are lucky to be alive after a car crashed just a few feet in front of them in Poland.

CCTV vision uploaded to LiveLeak shows a mother pushing her child along a footpath when an out-of-control car mounts the curb and crashes into a pole.

The woman only just has time to jump out of the way as the car screams past.

Truckie averts disaster

The horrifying moment a truck driver had to swerve their vehicle to avoid crushing a man lying on the road has been captured on video.

Dash cam vision shows the truck driver swerve their semi-trailer into oncoming traffic to avoid running over an elderly man that was lying right in the middle of the road.

While the front of the semi-trailer steers clear of the oncoming traffic, the rear end nearly swipes a white vehicle completely off the road.

Luckily the truck driver recovers just it time, and the white vehicle and the semi-trailer avoid a collision.

Both drivers then come to a stop, no doubt in shock at their terrifying near miss.