Dash cam captures driver's terrifying close brush with death

A driver has had a close call with death after drifting on to the wrong side of the road in southern New South Wales, narrowly missing trees and rocks in the process.

The terrifying incident was captured on the dash cam of the vehicle behind the car and occurred during the night near Cooma.

The car swerves onto the wrong side of the road, narrowly missing trees, poles and an oncoming car. Photo: 7 News

The person who shot the video can be heard yelling in shock as the car in front swerves from the road and drifts across the lanes to the shoulder of the highway.

Headlights from an oncoming car send the dash cam owners into panic as they fear a head-on collision is imminent.

Just in time, the driver regains control and returns to the correct side of the road.

The reason behind the driver’s lack of control is unknown, however fatigue is a likely option.

Fatigue is one of the big three killers on NSW roads and police have stressed the importance of a good sleep before a long drive.

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