WATCH: Daredevils risking lives by using NSW dam as waterslide

Daredevils are risking their lives by using a northern New South Wales dam as a type of waterslide.

The thought of the dam being used as a plaything for thrill-seekers terrifies the Tweed Shire Council, which claims the activity could prove deadly.

Daredevils are using the dam as a type of waterslide. Source: 7 News
Local councillors are worried the

Video of people shooting down Clarrie Hall Dam has been viewed more than 3,000,000 times on social media, prompting a warning from local authorities.

This footage of people shooting down the dam has been viewed millions of times on social media. Source: 7 News

"Don't put yourself at risk and don't put community emergency response teams at risk trying to save you," Tweed councillor Anthony Burnham said.