Dangerous creature spotted lurking in Aussie family's holiday footage

A father of two has made a startling — yet ominous — discovery while checking the ocean before letting his children go out for a swim.

Bj, Janelle and their two children have been travelling around Australia since May last year and documenting their experience on Instagram.

Recently, the family has been exploring Western Australia's coastline.

In a video shared in August, Bj can be seen checking the pristine ocean water before the children take a dip.

The water slowly rolls onto the sand as a slight shadow lingers just metres away from the shore.

The shark approaching the shore.
A shark was spotted off the coast of Western Australia, right before children were going to go for a swim. Source: Instagram/gettinglostisbeingfound

The shadow intensifies after BJ dips his toes in the water. It then moves, making a beeline for the shore.

Eventually, a fin appears above the water — revealing a tiger shark. It's probably safe to assume the children were not allowed to swim.

In the comments of the Instagram reel, the family said the video was taken at Francois Peron National Park, near Shark Bay.

Viewers have been left stunned by the "crazy" footage.

"Despite the clear water, it was hard to see until it hit the very shallow water," one person said.

"Wow! Glad you checked the water!" another wrote.

"I was prepared to laugh at people being overly paranoid but then it popped up. Ok fair," a man said.

"I'm surprised anyone makes it to 18 years old in Australia," a fourth viewer joked.

Less than 100 shark bites in 2021

While terrifying, sharks generally don't attack humans.

More people were killed in shark attacks in Australia than any other nation in 2021. Australia had three fatal shark encounters in 2021, which is down from six in 2020.

Across the globe in 2021, there were just 73 unprovoked shark bites.

While shark attacks are rare, checking the water for sharks is good advice, especially if children are swimming.

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