Frightening moment sharks spotted in shallows at tourist beach

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Beachgoers were told to get out of the water as a couple of sharks were seen swimming close to shore.

The extraordinary footage was captured by Kara Skonieczny and shared on Instagram.

She explained she spotted the sharks feeding on baitfish at Neptune Beach in Florida and said it was just a bit of "excitement" for the weekend.

Pictured are the two sharks near the shore at Neptune Beach in Florida
Two sharks were spotted in the shallows at a beach in Florida over the weekend. Source: @karaskonieczny /Amazing Animals+ / TMX via JC Estrada

The two sharks are seen thrashing around in the shallows as the waves come in, and an excited child is heard in the background.

It doesn't seem as though anyone is in the water near the sharks, but judging by what a bystander is heard saying on the beach, there must have been people still swimming in the area.

"Get out of the water," someone yells.

There weren't any reports of shark-related injuries at Neptune Beach over the weekend, but there was a potential shark attack on Saturday at nearby Jacksonville Beach.

Man's leg in 'shreds' after supposed shark attack

Jacksonville Beach is just south of Neptune Beach and there was a man who waved for help in the water.

Lifeguards rescued the man and there apparently was a lot of blood. Robert Alexander, a witness, told News4JAX the man's lower leg was "pretty much in shreds".

“His foot was dangling as we were carrying him to shore. You could tell he had no movement in his foot,” Mr Alexander said.

Mr Alexander claimed he could make out a shadow in the water, which could have been as big as two metres long.

Source: Yahoo News Australia
Source: Yahoo News Australia

However, lifeguards told the news station they could not confirm whether or not a shark was in the water at the time of the attack.

Shark attacks are extremely rare. In 2021, there were 73 unprovoked shark bite incidents globally and 39 provoked bites.

While the US accounts for the most shark bites with 47 in 2021, Australia leads the world in fatal shark attacks.

Australia had three fatal shark encounters in 2021, which is down from six in 2020. The US had just one fatal incident last year.

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