Danes Asked to Keep Supplies, Iodine Pills to Prepare for Crises

(Bloomberg) -- Denmark’s government is asking citizens to prepare for an attack or other potential crisis by stockpiling supplies of water, food and medicine, and keeping iodine tablets at home.

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A rising threat from Russia has prompted Danish authorities to increase their preparedness and issue recommendations to Danes to do the same.

“The reality is that Denmark and our allies are threatened by hybrid war,” Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said during a speech at the Nordic nation’s annual democracy meeting in the town of Allinge on Saturday. “Each of us should prepare for the fact that, for a short period, we may be without access to electricity or water, or be unable to buy basic necessities.”

The recommendations suggest citizens stock up on non-perishable food that does not require a stove or oven to be prepared, and at least 9 liters (2.4 gallons) of bottled water per person, enough for three days. Danes should also prepare for power failures by keeping batteries, flashlights and candles at hand, and be able to stay warm without heating.

Authorities also advise that citizens under 40 keep iodine tablets at home in the event of a nuclear accident, though it’s “very unlikely” that these will be needed, Laila Reenberg, chief of Denmark’s emergency management agency said at a press briefing. She also urged Danes not to panic and slowly accumulate the needed supplies.

The guidelines come after Denmark earlier this month raised the threat level for destructive cyber attacks against companies and authorities, saying Russia is showing an increasing willingness to take risks to carry out hybrid attacks.

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