Dad's heartbreak as dog 'stolen' by pet sitter while on holiday

The furious construction worker paid roughly $5,443 for a six-month dog board, but has not heard from the company since returning.

A dad-of-two claims his pet dog was 'stolen' by a pet sitter he'd arranged to look after the animal during a lengthy trip abroad.

Redford Robinson, 34, had booked a trip to Jamaica to visit family and left his beloved Cane Corso named Diego with the pet-sitting service in August. However, after returning in January, he's not been able to reach the company with no sign of his dog.

The furious construction worker, from Manchester in the UK, says he paid roughly $5,443 (£2,820) for a six-month dog board. Redford says he was in constant communication with the company throughout his trip and claims he received regular updates on his dog. But now he's been "ghosted".

Left: Man and son wearing rain jackets outdoors on walk. Right: Large black Cane Corso dog with tongue sticking out.
Redford Robinson arranged a pet sitter for his Cane Corso named Diego while he was abroad for six months. Source: Jam Press

Since arriving home in late January, the devastated dad claims he's not heard from the service and has been unable to collect his beloved Diego.

Dog owner 'ghosted' by pet sitter

Redford claims the owner has "ghosted" him and won’t answer his calls. Desperate to be reunited with his dog, he says he visited the building where he dropped off Diego, but there was no answer. He's now reported the incident to police.

What's App messages between dad and pet sitter.
What's App messages show the dad attempting to contact the pet sitter, with no reply. Source: Jam Press

"I just want him to let me know he is alright. I find it so weird that nobody can get hold of them," he said. "I was looking for someone to take care of Diego whilst I was away. Everything was alright at first, we were communicating all the time, now they won't answer the phone to me."

"It’s weird how someone can disappear. I just want them to bring my dog back," he continued. "He’s not your average dog, he’s a big dog and nearly three feet tall."

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "An investigation into theft in Manchester is still ongoing at this stage with no arrests made."

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