Cyclist snapped with baby causes outrage

A cyclist snapped with a young baby on her back without a helmet on has caused outrage and disbelief.

The photo of the woman riding with a baby strapped to her back was taken by a stationary motorist.

The woman has chosen to protect her own head with a helmet, but not that of the baby as she cycles along a busy road in St Kilda Road.

Cyclist rides with baby strapped to her back. Photo: Herald Sun
Cyclist rides with baby strapped to her back. Photo: Herald Sun

The image has outraged road safety experts and doctors, who say the baby was put in a life-threatening situation.

The Alfred Hospital's trauma surgeon Professor Russell Gruen told News Ltd: "All it would take would be for her to lose balance, for a car not to see her, or her tyre to get caught, for the baby to hit the road.

"The baby could be seriously brain-injured for the rest of her life, or worse."

The law states bike passengers must have their own seat and wear an approved helmet.

The Transport Accident Commission said they couldn't understand why anyone would place a baby's life in such danger.

It is not known whether the woman is the baby's mother.

The image was posted on Facebook before being sent to police.

Around 30 children younger than 15 suffer brain injuries each year in Victoria from road accidents.

In another incident of stupidity on Victoria's roads, a car has been filmed travelling up to speeds of 70km/h on a busy highway with the hood up.

A witness, who captured the footage, told Fairfax radio the single male occupant was travelling for some distance on a busy stretch of the Western Ring Road with his view obstructed.

Man drives with hood up. Photo: YouTube
Man drives with hood up. Photo: YouTube