Cyclist collides with car at intersection - but who's to blame?

The heart-stopping moment a cyclist in Adelaide was cleaned up while cycling along a main road has been caught on camera.

Footage shows the cyclist riding south in the bike lane of Belair Road in Hawthorn on Tuesday when a Tesla Model S approaches the main road along a side street.

But instead of stopping at the intersection, the driver makes an attempt to turn left onto the main road, hitting the cyclist.

The cyclist can be seen riding in the bike lane along Belair Road in Adelaide’s south. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

The cyclist is sent onto the bonnet before crashing to the ground with his bike while the driver slams on their brakes.

The short clip was shared to Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page on Wednesday prompting a series of comments debating who was in the wrong.

The majority of users said the driver was at fault and should have given way to the cyclist.

The driver of the Tesla knocks the cyclist off the bike. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

“Cyclist has clear right of passage, car in the wrong. [The car] failed to give way at an uncontrolled intersection,” one user wrote.

However some questioned whether the cyclist could have anticipated the driver’s move.

“The rider needs to be aware of the potential dangers around them and be ready to take evasive action,” one comment read.

Others joked over the cyclist’s imposing flashing light on the front of his bicycle.

“If only the rider could have used a light and some high visibility clothing to stand out a bit more,” one user sarcastically wrote.