'I just spent $200 on pizza': Furious customers slam Pizza Hut after online ordering glitch

Hundreds of furious Pizza Hut customers are threatening to boycot the chain after they were charged numerous times for their orders that they didn't even receive.

The error was due to a technical glitch with the company's new website and app on Sunday night.

Comments made to the company's Facebook page show some people claiming they were charged up to five times for their order, totalling "over $500".

"I just got charged five times for one order!!!! So instead of spending $40 on pizza I've spent over $200," one customer wrote.

Another customer said they were left with just 16 cents in their account after they "mistakenly tried four times to order online".

One customer said when they got through to the store after calling the help line, they were "rudely hung up on".

"I was rudely informed by the store manager that he was too busy and to ring back in 45 minutes," the customer said.

"I was charged $140 or pizza that I did not receive. I will not be ordering pizza from Pizza Hut again."

Other customers claimed they were left on hold for 20 minutes or more when contacting their local stores, calling it "appalling customer service".

A spokesperson for the company said the issue is believed to have originated in the credit card processing system, News Corp reports.

"We are in the process of personally contacting every customer affected and refunding them in full (including the cost of their received orders."

Anyone who had issues on Sunday night is urged to contact them at customercommunication@pizzahutaustralia.com.au.