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Customers demand Woolworths put misspelt stubby holders back on shelves

There have been calls for Woolworths to bring back a number of Christmas stubby holders containing a spelling error.

A mum spotted the embarrassing gaffe on Saturday and shared photos of it on Facebook.

Pics showed a bunch of blue beverage holders with the words “Merry Christhmas” scrawled along the front in a red font.

“Woolies have misspelt Christmas... I think I need one anyway just for the laughs?” the woman wrote.

A misspelt Woolworths stubby holder which reads 'Merry Chrithmas' and a woman seen walking up a staircase outside a Woolworths supermarket.
Some people want Woolworths to bring back he misspelt Christmas stubbies. Source: Facebook/ AAP

Woolworths confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that the product was pulled from shelves on Friday.

Customer outcry at Woolworths’ decision to remove stubby holders

However, it seems not everyone wants them removed from the supermarket aisle.

One man urged Woolies to “put them back”.

“Bit of the old Aussie ‘Christhmas’ fun and a collector’s item,” he wrote on Facebook.

Another woman added “most would see the funny side” of the spelling errors.

A general view of a Woolworths store at Double Bay in Sydney. A man is seen pushing a trolley.
Woolworths said it removed the stubby holders from shelves last week. Source: AAP (file pic)

Some people were concerned about how the stubby holders are being disposed.

“Rather than send them to landfill, let us all buy them,” one woman wrote.

Others suggested Woolies give the stubby holders and or the proceeds from selling them to charity.

In a response to the suggestions, Woolies wrote management will decide what to do with the stubby holders once they are all collected.

Woolworths has been contacted for comment.

Woolworths’ new move amid plastic bag ban

In a move that was phased out of stores in the 1970s, supermarket giant Woolworths is now again trialling paper bags to counter criticism in the wake of the single-use plastic bag ban introduced in 2018.

Coles told Yahoo News Australia it was looking for ways to make life easier for customers and had received feedback paper bags were not always as durable as plastic.

“Some have raised paper also has an impact on the environment,” a spokesperson said.

“Coles is committed to being Australia’s most sustainable supermarket and we will continue to work with our customers to create a more sustainable future.”

Coles launches delivery service subscription

Coles has released Delivery Plus which will offer online customers “unlimited” deliveries via a monthly subscription.

The announcement, made on Wednesday, means shoppers can pay $19 a month for deliveries throughout the week or $14 for Tuesday through to Thursday.

A Coles delivery driver arrives at a woman's home as she waves to him. He's pushing crates.
Coles has launched an online delivery service which can be paid via a monthly subscription. Source: Supplied

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