Crowbar-wielding limo driver filmed in violent road rage attack

Kamilia Palu

A furious limousine driver fuelled by road rage has been caught on camera swinging a crow bar at a driver's window in busy Los Angeles.

Victim Shanham Asbaghi said he was driving on the Interstate 405 when the limo driver was tailgating his car, taking an earlier exit off the highway to get away from him.

The limo driver was recorded swinging a crowbar at Mr Asbaghi's window. Photo: KTLA

Instead of leaving the situation behind, things became even more heated when the limo driver allegedly rammed him.

“When he hit me, he came around to the driver's side and punched my window four or five times," Mr Asbaghi told New York news station Pix 11.

"Then he ran back to his car, got in his car, and drove away,” he said.

Mr Asbaghi decided to follow the driver to record his number plates – a move that infuriated the violent limo driver even more.

The driver placed the crowbar back into his boot before leaving the scene. Photo: KTLA

The vehicles stopped again, but instead of throwing his fists, the driver opened his boot and pulled out a crowbar.

Harrowing video shows the limo driver whacking the weapon with full force on to Mr Asbaghi’s driver’s window.

Amazingly, the glass does not shatter.

Seemingly satisfied with his burst of anger, the limo driver drives away.

Mr Asbaghi managed to record the incident and called police immediately, but said he was disappointed with their response.

The victim of the attack points out the damage to his vehicle. Photo: KTLA

“Because my head wasn't smashed and because the window wasn't smashed, no harm no foul is what they told me,” he said.

“I'm furious.”

He also contacted the limousine company to inform them of their driver’s alleged reckless behaviour.

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