Creepy clown craze continues as Halloween approaches

Niamh Hannon

The creepy clown craze is sweeping the globe and there is no sign of it dying down just yet, as police forces across Australia are bracing for more scary clown sightings as Halloween approaches.

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens told FIVEaa listeners in Adelaide: “Anyone who dresses up as a clown with the intention of scaring other people can only be described as a d***head, as far as I’m concerned.”

Man pulls gun on clown. Image: Instagram

A video uploaded to Instagram appears to show a group of men in a car pointing a gun and shouting at a clown in Chicago. The clown then begins to run down an alleyway.

The Dartmouth Police Department in Massachusetts found a creative way to warn residents against partaking in the latest fad, with their very own viral video.

Terrifying clowns are popping up everywhere, and it looks like some of them are relying on public transport to get around.

One of the latest videos going viral shows a crazy clown hanging off the back of a bus.

Another terrifying video has emerged of a clown trying to get into someone’s house in the middle of the night.

Some say it is a harmless fad in the weeks coming up to Halloween, others believe the 'Clown Purge' follows the making of a new film version of horror author Steven King’s 1986 novel 'It'. The production company deny this claim.

Either way, people dressing up as clowns and terrifying everyone appears here to stay!