Real estate agent shares TikTok of 'creepy' find under house

A real estate agent has found a "creepy" room underneath a listed property, which people on TikTok thought looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

The video of the room was shared to the popular social media app by Kaylee Keller and has racked up more than 1.7 million views at the time of writing since it was uploaded last month.

Ms Keller explained in the caption of the video she and her family work in real estate in the US state of Florida and while her brother was showing clients a home in Tampa, they asked what was down a hole in the ground.

Her brother climbed down a ladder and into the narrow hole which is gated off with a concrete wall in a yard.

A man is seen climbing down to a creepy underground room in Florida.
A real estate agent showed off a creepy underground room. Source: TikTok/ kayleekeller20

She said her brother descended with no hesitation. Discarded objects can be seen on the ground as he climbs down.

"I was so creeped out watching this," Ms Keller wrote.

As her brother walks through a narrow room where he landed, he turns the corner to reveal a larger room containing several curious and creepy objects.

A couple of chairs are seen in the room along with chains hanging from the roof. There's a pipe on the wall and the whole space looks pretty derelict.

"I have so many questions," Ms Keller said.

Several people offered logical theories as to what the space could have been used for.

"It's a fallout shelter, and they were ubiquitous when I lived in Tampa; they are a remnant of the Cold War," someone said in the comments.

Stills from a TikTok videos show chairs and chains hanging from the ceiling of the hidden room.
In the underground room were chairs and chains hanging from the ceiling. Source: TikTok/kayleekeller20

Another person said it was a hurricane shelter, but didn't offer an explanation for the chains.

One person said they lived south of Tampa and their grandparents had an underground "bomb shelter" in the backyard similar to the one in the video.

Another TikTok user suggested it was some sort of meat cellar.

Others suggested more sinister theories as to what the room was used for.

Someone joked the room is where the Blair Witch Project film ended, another person said it was where Saw was filmed.

Another took it upon themselves to write a description for an Airbnb listing.

"Excellent, cozy, recently remodelled, super private, antique room with private heritage entrance. Near Disney World and other parks," they wrote.

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