Crazy new feature at Sydney bar divides drinkers: 'Stupid idea'

Some patrons were less than impressed with this bar's quirky feature.

A new bar in Sydney’s inner west has put drinkers offside with some slamming its unique feature as a “stupid idea”.

Pegged as a “self-serve boozery’’, Buddy’s Bar in Newtown offers patrons the chance to pour their own beverage from a choice of 33 taps of local craft, premium wines, house made cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. And while many are rocking up to try out the new concept, it's missed the mark for a lot of drinkers.

People using the self-serve drink taps at Buddy's Bar.
Buddy's Bar in Newtown has caused a stir over its self-serve concept. Source: TikTok

“You’re better off buying a six pack and stealing a schooner from your local,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Why are we glamourising pouring your own beers?” said another. “No thanks.”

“I always thought part of the cost for drinks at these bars included the service/staff so they’re basically charging the same/more for something you do yourself?” someone else wondered. “If I want to pour a beer myself I can do it at home for much less money,” another said.

Top up and pour

It’s understood the self-serve establishment on popular King Street, which opened in January, works by topping up a card with credit that customers then tap to fill up their glasses. When questions around liquor licensing rules came up on social media, patrons popped up to explain how it worked.

“Their RSA rules are tight,” one person wrote online. “You can only pour three beers before you need to get sign off to pour another three beers.” “They stop you from ordering too many drinks at one time and can cancel your card at any time,” said another.

Bar 'breaking down barriers' between strangers

While some slammed the do-it-yourself feature as similar to the “self-check out at Coles”, others praised the “fun and cute idea”. “It’s such a vibe and always packed,” one person wrote on TikTok about “Newtown’s hottest self-serve” bar. “Just top up your card and pour away.”

“This is pretty cool,” someone else replied. “An awesome idea,” commented another.

The front of  Buddy's Bar in Newtown with patrons sitting outside and people walking by (left) and people sitting inside and serving themselves a drink (right).
The owners of Buddy's Bar say the do-it-yourself concept helps 'break down the barriers against having a yarn with a stranger'. Source: TikTok

The owners of Buddy’s Bar said online they wanted to provide a “quality but very unique offering” and designed the space to be “as engaging and interactive as possible”.

“Our goal is to try and break down the barriers against having a yarn with a stranger,” the website reads. “When pouring your own drink from the selection of 30+ taps, you’ll find it hard not to strike up a convo with the stranger at your shoulder, asking them what beer, wine or cocktail they just poured and can recommend.”

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Buddy’s Bar for a comment on Thursday morning but hadn’t heard back at the time of publication.

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