Couple’s restaurant cheese complaint spectacularly backfires

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

The internet has had a field day with a man who took to Twitter to complain about “poor service” that he claimed left his wife’s meal lacking in cheese for nearly 20 minutes.

Jason Vicknair was ruthlessly mocked after sharing his and his wife’s disappointing dining experience at Mexican restaurant Mi Cocina in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday evening (local time).

He explained the night out was the couple’s first date after more than three months of them staying home in compliance with local lockdown orders.

Jason Vicknair was in a world of trouble after sharing this image of his wife and complaining of their cheese woes on Twitter. Source: Twitter

The “crappy” service was simply not up to standard, according to Mr Vicknair, who shared a photo of his wife looking notably upset by their apparent prolonged wait for cheese.

“Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas. We’ve asked four people, going on 18 minutes now,” his tweet read, describing the situation as “just unreal”.

“We gotta quit blaming COVID-19 for crappy service,” he said.

It wasn’t long before he and his wife became the butt of hundreds of jokes, with the tweet condemned for being insensitive given Texas had recorded 5,747 new cases of coronavirus that day.

While some agreed 18 minutes was too long to wait, the general consensus was that the post to Twitter was unjustified and unnecessary.

It did provide for some hilarious commentary though, with people poking fun at the way Mr Vicknair proclaimed his wife “needed” cheese to be able to eat her meal.

“I love the line ‘it’s the only way she can eat fajitas’. What does that even mean???? I adore cheese, but is it truly the only way?,” one person wrote.

Another shared the photo of the cheese-less woman beside an image of a migrant mother in 1936 with a strikingly similar look of despair in their eyes.

Many were not happy with the couple being outside, particularly because they seemed to not be wearing face masks.

Mr Vicknair spoke with a local blog called Central Track after his post went viral, and explained that he didn’t expect to gain as much attention as he did.

In response to backlash criticising the woman for wanting cheese on her meal, he argued it was “very normal to put cheese on fajitas”.

Mr Vicknair said his wife was “p****d” he shared that photo of her to Twitter and has since deleted both the tweet and his account.

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