'You f***ing pigs': Woman's meltdown in store after she refuses to wear mask

A man has captured multiple videos of a woman spectacularly losing it at staff who asked her to leave a store for not wearing a face mask as the coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the US.

D. Giles, who goes by @ItsRellzWorld on Twitter, captured the debacle in Los Angeles in a series of videos.

“Ya’ll I’ve found Karen of the San Fernando Valley,” he wrote on Twitter.

‘Karen’ is “the stereotypical name associated with rude, obnoxious and insufferable middle-aged white women,” according to Urban Dictionary.

“Karen is showing out at Trader Joe’s,” Mr Giles is heard saying in the video as he filmed the ‘Karen’ in question.

“She does not have on a mask and somebody said ‘f**k you, leave’ and she is having it out.”

'Karen' went off at staff who told her to leave aTrader Joe's for not wearing a mask, calling worker 'f**king pigs'. Source: Twitter/@ItsRellzWorld
'Karen' went off at staff who told her to leave a Trader Joe's for not wearing a mask. Source: Twitter/@ItsRellzWorld

The video was taken at a Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood, and as per Californian Government, residents are required to wear a mask when venturing outside.

“Public health officials now require Californians to wear masks or cloth face coverings in most settings outside the home,” the Californian state government says on their website.

“And workers in certain industries are required wear a mask or respirator while on the job.”

In the next video Mr Giles shared, ‘Karen’ is still yelling at the staff and Mr Giles explains in the clip this happened to be the opening day of the new Trader Joe’s store.

“You f***ing pigs,” the woman is heard yelling while dramatically dumping her basket.

“You’re f***ing Democratic pigs.”

She then turned to Mr Giles and screamed that a man “harassed” her for not wearing a mask.

“I have a breathing problem,” the woman says directly to the camera in the third video shared by Mr Giles.

“My doctor would not let me wear a mask, so anyone harassing me to wear a mask – you guys are violating federal law, do you get that? Get that on camera!”

As many people also pointed out on Twitter, people with respiratory problems should probably be more worried about catching the coronavirus.

“I'm impressed with the volume she's able to create with those lungs that have a breathing problem,” someone commented on Mr Giles’ Twitter thread.

A man named John, who said he was also in the store when the woman was screaming, said it was “nuts, and so exhaustingly predictable”, while praising the staff at Trader Joe’s for their handling of the situation.

Another person claimed their friend, also only identified as John, was too in the store. It is unclear if the John who commented on the thread is the same John that relayed events that were shared on Twitter.

In a screenshot posted to Twitter, the friend revealed John was at the checkout when the woman unleashed her rage on the Trader Joe’s employees.

“She took her mask off after she entered the store, and walked around with a basket, but not putting anything into it,” John apparently said it what appears to be a screenshot of a Facebook post.

“Instead she was roaming the aisles and getting up in people’s faces, getting as close as possible, waiting for somebody to inevitably tell her to put her mask back on.

“And when a dude finally did – which didn’t take long I’m guessing, because she was being super aggressive – she lost it.”

At that point the manager intervened and asked ‘Karen’ to leave and the Facebook post said she cited ‘law’ believed by followers of the ‘QAnon’ conspiracy.

QAnon is a theory built around belief in an international conspiracy of high-ranking government officials to kidnap, abuse, torture and kill children.

In the QAnon worldview, US President Donald Trump is working behind the scenes to expose and disrupt a child-sex trafficking ring.

The woman in the video has not been identified, however she spoke to Fox11 following the ordeal.

“I normally call every business before I go in because I have a medical breathing condition which means I can’t properly breathe through my nose and I let a manager know before I go in,” the woman reportedly said.

“I do the respectful thing and I let them know.”

She claims she had made arrangements at another Trader Joe’s store, thinking she had called the new North Hollywood Trader Joe’s.

The woman also claimed the manager at the North Hollywood store said it was okay for her to do her shopping without a mask.

The woman further alleged once she picked up her basket she ran into a customer who was not impressed by her lack of wearing a mask and she alleges he became “aggressive”.

“They made it look like I am this crazy person, and yes, I did throw my basket to the ground,” she told Fox11.

“I am a human being. I reacted based on feeling helpless in this situation.”

Trader Joe’s has not commented on the incident.

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