Couple 'furious' over neighbour’s constant noise complaints: ‘Where do I stand?’

The couple feel they are entitled to play 'loud' music in their own home despite their neighbour trying to settle a baby to sleep.

A Queensland couple are at their wits' end after receiving weekly noise complaints from their neighbour about their music which they claim is not "excessively loud".

The neighbour, who has a three-month-old baby, "expects absolute silence" when putting his child to sleep at 7pm, they claim.

He has also reported the Logan couple to police, who text and call on his behalf about music being played during the day and night on the weekend.

A Maps photo of the Queensland couple's home in Marsden, Logan and the neighbours home. A screenshot of two text messages the couple received from Logan Police detailing the noise complaints from the neighbour.
A Queensland couple from the house below are complaining about their Logan neighbours who are unhappy with the couple's loud music. Source: Facebook

"This neighbour is starting to become a nuisance now to the point where I feel he has to control what/ when/how I play music in my own home," one of the residents vented on a Facebook group for renters, assuring that the bass levels are always turned down.

"My husband and I work nightshift Sunday to Thursday night every week, and on our days off [on] Friday [and] Saturday we like to listen to music loud, but not excessively loud that we are holding a concert".

They claimed the string of complaints started a few weeks ago when the neighbour came to the front door of their house at 7pm on Saturday, when the couple had guests over and "kids running around having fun".

"We found it quite rude as it was school holidays and we don’t get to see these guests too often due to work commitments," they said.

Complaint on 40th birthday leaves couple 'furious'

Though what really infuriated the couple was a noise complaint at 1.28pm on the weekend while celebrating a birthday.

"Yesterday [Saturday] it was my 40th birthday and we made all our neighbours aware that I was having a birthday with a small amount of people in our backyard," they wrote.

"I registered my birthday with the police but lunchtime yesterday we received a noise complaint. This made me furious as I was trying to celebrate my birthday with friends and family, then at 9pm last night I get another noise complaint from the police."

Queensland couple spark debate on playing music in home

Scrambling for answers, one of the couple asked for advice on "where [they] stand with this neighbour", with the response being quite mixed.

"That’s ridiculous. I was always told 'never stop doing normal things just because there is a baby'. They need to learn to sleep through noise or nothing will get done," one person said.

However others were more empathetic towards the father. It was recommended the couple "compromise" and turn down their music, and others suggested the father could use white noise machines to help nullify the noise.

"I can see both sides of this as I currently have a 9 month old...the sleep deprivation can make you entirely unreasonable, and it's really hard," one person said.

In Queensland, excessive noise complaints can be reported at any time.

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