Could these be our new 'Dollarydoos'? Aussie redesigns Australia's bank notes with pies, Steve Irwin and VB

Natasha Christian

A Melbourne artist has redesigned Australia’s bank note, replacing iconic faces of history with some you’re probably a bit more familiar with.

Aaron Tyler felt the faces on the current notes ‘were relevant once’ however they didn’t strike a chord with modern Australia.

The 'new' $5 note featuring Dame Edna, pies and VB. photo: Aaron Tyler


So he cleverly replaced them with people he felt all Aussies would know.

"[Money is] the foundation and fabric that holds society and civilisation together. If someone's face is stamped on that money, it's a pretty big deal, right? So why don't we know who's on ours?" he said.

"We see them every day, but most Australians don't even know who the people on our banknotes are.

"The time is right for a face-lift. The time is right for STRAYA CASH."


Mr Tyler used Aussie symbols such as the humble meat pie, the Wiggles and Southern Cross tattoos along with the faces of Steve Irwin, Cathy Freeman and Dame Edna.

During his efforts Mr Tyler found many people had no idea who was really on Australia’s notes.

Shane Warne, Southern Cross tattoos and Cathy Freeman on the $50. Photo: Aaron Tyler

He felt people should know who they are as they did some incredible things and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Australian cash has been the talk of the town this week after a petition was launched to change our currency from dollars to ‘dollarydoos’ a popular Simpsons reference.

The petition has almost reached 50,000 signatures and the new name features on the AUD Wikipedia page.