Coronation Street airs twist over DS Swain's daughter

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed the identity of the young girl threatening Joel Deering.

Last week, the soap introduced one of Sabrina Adetiba's friends during a scene where sinister lawyer Joel was trying to offer his services to help get her brother out of jail.

Joel continued to pursue Sabrina until her friend warned the solicitor she saw right through his act and threatened him unless he paid her off.

During Friday's episode on ITV and top streaming service ITVX, viewers learned that the young woman, Betsy, is DS Swain's previously-mentioned daughter – played by new cast member Sydney Martin.

The confrontation came about as Joel and Dee-Dee Bailey were having their engagement luncheon, unaware that Betsy was watching them from across the road.

betsy and joel in coronation street

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Betsy boldly interrupted the lunch, pretending to be one of Joel's clients and claiming she needed to speak with him urgently.

"I'll talk to you about the case tomorrow," Joel tried to cover.

Betsy sheepishly exited the restaurant without Dee-Dee finding out why she'd actually turned up. However, Dee-Dee encouraged Joel to go help Betsy if she needed him.

"You need to go and do what you do best – help people," Dee-Dee assured her partner.

Once Joel met up with Betsy, he frantically warned her she had "no idea" who she was messing with.

"You're an irritant, nothing more. Your allegations are false and if you keep repeating them, you're gonna land yourself in big trouble," Joel threatened.

dee dee and joel in coronation street

Betsy surprised Joel by demanding money, then gave her own warning that she could see through him, unlike his friends and family. Joel quickly handed her some cash and rushed off.

It was only after this confrontation that viewers discovered Betsy's identity when DS Swain found her on the playground.

DS Swain questioned how Betsy had money for chips, but her daughter lied that her mate had paid for them. DS Swain headed off home with Betsy, unaware of the dangerous situation her child was involved in.

ds lisa swain in coronation street

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Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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