Convicted thief avoids sentencing after medical episode in court

A Sydney secretary who stole half a million dollars from her boss has avoided sentencing on Friday after she needed medical treatment in court.

Joanne Ayoub spent her employer’s nest egg on flashy clothes and jewellery before she was caught months later.

Facing up to two years’ in jail after being convicted of stealing from respected eye doctor Paul Beaumont, Ayoub became overwhelmed during Friday’s hearing with paramedics called in.

Joanne Ayoub is facing up to two years' jail for fraud. Picture: 7 News
Ayoub stole from respected doctor Paul Beaumont. Picture: 7 News

Before being medically escorted from the building, Ayoub’s lawyer Eugene Wasilenia asked the court for leniency.

The court heard Ayoub is an “extremely vulnerable person” who needs ongoing medical treatment.

Ayoub was wheeled from court on Friday. Picture: 7 News

The lawyer argued the medical treatment she requires is “not available in a custodial setting”.

But police prosecutors argued Ayoub stole for a number of months and showed no remorse for her crime.

Ayoub stole half a million dollars and used it for her designer lifestyle. Picture: 7 News

The magistrate was blindsided by Ayoub’s trip to hospital and due to repeated delays in the case, issued a warrant for her arrest.

Ayoub’s sentencing has been adjourned to a later date.

Ayoub arrived at court facing two years' jail. Picture: 7 News