'Congratulations': Man fleeing police makes scratchie blunder

A man who fled police over alleged traffic violation has left behind a winning scratchie.

The suspect may have thought it was his lucky day when he won US$100 (AU$136) on a Georgia Lottery scratchie but when police attempted to pull the man over, he jumped out of the car and ran off leaving behind his winning ticket.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said police pulled over a car with a tag violation driving along a Georgia interstate on Monday (local time) and began questioning the driver when the passenger fled the vehicle and ran into nearby woods, dropping his backpack on the way.

“Inside that backpack was a laptop, a small amount of methamphetamine and a winning $100 lottery ticket,” Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Captain Jay Baker told CNN.

A winning scratchie left behind by a man pulled over by police in Georgia.
Police posted the winning scratchie on Facebook and invited the suspect to collect his winning. Source: Facebook/Cherokee Sheriff's Office – Georgia

Police posted the winning scratchie on Facebook and invited the suspect to collect his winning.

“To the suspect who ran on foot from our deputies on a traffic stop this morning on I-75, you left a winning $100.00 lottery ticket in your vehicle. You can claim your ticket at 498 Chattin Dr. in Canton. It will be here waiting for you. Congratulations by the way,” Cherokee County Sheriff's office wrote on Facebook.

But before he could voluntarily claim his winnings, the suspect was found at a nearby traffic stop, police later confirmed.

The man was charged with possession of methamphetamine and obstruction.

Fortunately for the man won’t miss out on his lotto winnings, but there is one item in the backpack he won’t be able to retrieve.

"When he bonds out of jail or gets done with these charges, we'll certainly return that lottery ticket but we're keeping the methamphetamine," Officer Baker said.

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