Confronting CCTV captures alleged Adelaide supermarket assault

Melissa Hills, Mel Buttigieg and Andrea Nicolas

Confronting CCTV footage of an alleged Adelaide shopping centre 'king hit' spree has surfaced, following the arrest of a man who has faced court over a series of alleged 'king hit' assaults.

Police allege the man stormed the Regency Plaza at Sefton Park on Thursday, and launched a series of unprovoked attacks on innocent shoppers on Thursday afternoon.

CCTV shows a man being dragged across the shop floor and repeatedly punched and kicked. Picture: Supplied

The footage shows a man being dragged across a store floor, before being punched and kicked repeatedly, as customers look on in shock.

Another man fends off the attacker with what looks like a wooden walking stick and edges the alleged attacker out of the frame.

The man in the blue shirt fends off the attacker with his walking stick, forcing him out of the store. Picture: supplied

Police say at least six shoppers were set upon and punched, including a 56-year-old woman who was taken to hospital with facial injuries.

Workers in the centre tried to scare the attacker away but they could not stop his violent spree.

“I saw a man being kicked in the body and head trying to defend himself,” E-Cigarette worker Eric Montgomery told 7 News.

Police have released images of the man believed responsible for the violent rampage. Photo: Supplied

“He came up here, hit someone at the cigarette counter – no warning whatsoever; king hit a woman outside the centre, standing there doing nothing.

“These weren’t minor hits, these were king hits.

“The schoolgirls were screaming.

Plaza worker Eric Montgomery described the terrifying scene. Photo: 7 News

"He assaulted another woman about two blocks away, he was trying to get into her car – punched her in the head, completely laid her out, apparently.”

A 20-year-old man is being questioned over the attacks, and is expected to be charged.