'Don't do this': Coles workers blast self-service checkout 'hack'

A Coles customer has been slammed by supermarket staff on TikTok over her video demonstrating a controversial self-service checkout hack.

The shopper, who goes by the name @jazzzypink on TikTok, shared the self-service checkout hack on Friday, which has since amassed over 226,200 views and 5,000 likes.

“I just discovered this and it honestly blew my mind. Also, when you pay with coins, it’s basically free,” reads the caption of the TikTok video.

Coles shopper demonstrates self-service checkout hack on TikTok video
A Coles shopper has been slammed by supermarket staff for her self-service checkout hack on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@jazzzypink

In the video, the shopper demonstrates the “checkout hack” by lifting the lid on the coin slot and dropping her coins in by the handful, rather than one at a time.

The customer continues to feed the machine a steady stream of coins, which eventually adds up to $38.20 on the self-service checkout screen.

At the end of the video, the shopper is heard giggling off screen at her time-saving checkout hack.

Coles shoppers applaud ‘smart’ checkout hack on TikTok

Fellow Coles shoppers were quick to share their thoughts in the comments, with some deeming the shopper was “smart” and a “hero” for her ingenuity.

“Good on you. Them and their smart ideas,” wrote one impressed user.

“Oh thanks. Learned something new,” wrote a second.

While a third pointed out the checkout hack was: “Another way to cash in those coins.”

Others were confused by the shoppers' claim that using coins was “basically free,” but it was quickly explained by a TikTok user.

“I think it's because we rarely count how many coins we have. Ever heard the joke: ‘If I pay [for] my lunch with cash it means it's free?’”

Empty Coles self service checkout in store
Fellow Coles shoppers were quick to share their thoughts in the comments, with some claiming the shopper was a 'hero'. Source: Getty

'It jams the machines': Supermarket staff condemn checkout hack

However, a majority of the comments were not so positive – with many shoppers and supermarket workers condemning the woman for her actions.

“Please don’t do this. It jams the machine,” wrote one frustrated shopper.

“The coin slots were added because throwing a bunch of coins inside the machine was making it jam up, which makes us waste our time fixing it. Please don’t,” wrote a supermarket staffer.

“It flips up so that we can correct jams in the coin feed. But, thank you for helping to jam the machines and making my job harder,” another supermarket worker said.

Others pointed out that the time-saving hack would cost the shopper even more time waiting “for staff to fix what you did.”

“Enjoy the busy main lanes whilst we close the self-serve for repairs,” scolded another Coles worker.

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