Coles shopper's 'terrifying' find on Tim Tam packet

Most people probably agree that when it comes to a chocolatey snack, you can't beat a Tim Tam. And apparently so do rodents.

Aussies love their Tim Tams — and, as it turns out, so do rodents.

Most people probably agree that when it comes to a crunchy, chocolatey snack, you can't beat a Tim Tam, and it appears at least one rodent that visited Coles' Burwood store in Sydney's west agrees, nibbling its way through a couple of coconut creams.

Although the $1.80 clearance price would appeal to many, these nibble marks — that can be seen having torn through the plastic wrapping and into at least two of the biscuits — is enough to turn anyone off the treat.

A Coles shopper found a packet of Tim Tams with apparent rodent bites through the front of the Coconut Creams packet.
A Coles shopper was grossed out to find a packet of Tim Tams with apparent rodent bites in it. Source: Reddit

Hundreds respond to picture of rodent's Tim Tam snack at Coles

Posting the photo to social media, one concerned Sydneysider joked: "Welcomed to Burwood Coles' latest attraction". A single packet of Tim Tams can then be seen with a very noticeable chunk bitten out of it, seemingly the work of hungry mice or rats.

The upload attracted almost 2,000 interactions online, with hundreds of people flocking to the comments to respond. "I like how the rat took a few bites and wasn’t satisfied enough to keep going," one person said.

"Even vermin have discerning taste," wrote another. "This is terrifying. I hand my babies yoghurt pouches all the time. Seems like they'd be boxed before placed on the shelves, but I'm definitely going to be wiping them with a disinfectant wipe from now on," another person said.

"Can't beat that price these days tho," a user, apparently undeterred by the nibbles, wrote.

Supermarket giant responds

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a Coles spokesperson said the supermarket takes the cleanliness of stores very seriously and is looking into the matter.

"Coles takes food safety seriously and we work hard to keep a clean environment in our stores and distribution centres," a spokesperson told Yahoo. "We have an integrated pest management system, which primarily focuses on keeping pests out, and then controlling pests should they find their way in.”

Coles worker claims 'infestation' at distribution centres

Late last year, a Coles worker said there's a chance rat excrement is seeping into products due to a "complete" infestation at one of the supermarket's major distribution centres.

After six years at the facility, a picker and packer revealed to Yahoo News Australia what he claims really goes on inside the warehouse after sneaking his banned mobile phone into the centre to capture photos and video of the pest problem.

The Coles warehouse with rats appearing to be fighting over territory.
The Coles warehouse employee, who snuck his phone into the distribution centre, said two rats appeared to be fighting over territory. Source: Supplied

"I just think the public has a right to know how these sorts of companies pursue profit at all costs, and screw them," said the disgruntled employee, who asked not to be named.

In response however, Coles says it takes food safety seriously.

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