Coles shoppers stunned by checkout hack: 'What is this sorcery?'

A Coles shopper has shared a video of a clever checkout hack that has gone viral with over 680,00 views since it was shared on Sunday.

The clip, which was posted on TikTok by @peachedandco, showed a Coles conveyor belt filled with groceries arranged neatly and separated into sections by folded grocery bags.

"Who else puts their shopping bags in between their groceries so the cashier knows what you want them to put into each bag?" the TikToker captioned the video, which has been praised by hundreds as an "excellent" idea that could change the way people shop.

A Coles shopper's clever hack has attracted more than 680,000 views on TikTok since it was posted. Credit: @peachedandco/TikTok
A Coles shopper's clever hack has attracted more than 680,000 views on TikTok since it was posted. Credit: @peachedandco/TikTok

"I need to start doing this with the bags. I put my stuff in order of packing and they still move it around," one shopper reacted.

"I didn't but I might now! Great idea," another replied.

"Oh my gosh, what is this sorcery?" a third reacted.

"It also makes it easier when you get home to unpack your groceries," the author added in her caption.

Praise from cashiers

The hack also earned praise from cashiers, who appreciated the logical arrangement of the goods.

"Yessssssss because as a cashier myself, it traumatises me when bags aren't packed logically!" one woman admitted.

The author of the viral TikTok post, it turns out, was previously a cashier herself and confessed to have hated packing when groceries were simply dumped at the conveyor belt, only for customers to complain about how they were packed.

"I love this as a cashier... makes my life so much easier," another viewer commented, saying the hack ranks second only to self-packers.

"As a cashier it's soo helpful. It annoys me when people just chuck their groceries wherever but want me to seperate them," another supermarket worker confessed.

'You guys don't pack your own bags?'

Many others however expressed surprise over cashiers packing bags for customers in Australia, with many commenting about how they pack bags themselves in certain countries.

"You guys don't pack your own bags?" one woman asked in reaction to the post, stating that no one packs for them in the UK.

"We pack our own bags in Ireland," another woman seconded.

Australia is one of the countries in the world where cashiers or a bagger pack a customer's groceries, much like in the United States and many Asian countries. It is, however, quite an unusual sight in the UK and Europe.

"In the Netherlands you pay for the bags and pack them yourself," a third viewer commented.

"As an ex-cashier living in Germany, if a person asked me to pack their groceries, I'd just stare at them till they leave," a fourth added.

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