Coles shopper's rage over 'gross' trolley act sparks debate

The customer was sure to let others know his thoughts about the dog's presence but not everyone agreed.

A customer has complained to Coles staff about a woman having a dog in her shopping trolley, but after sharing the self-admitted "whinge" online not everyone seemed convinced the complaint was warranted.

The man was shopping at a store on the NSW Central Coast on Sunday when he noticed the furry passenger in the trolley at the checkout.

"I asked the floor supervisor why this dog was allowed in store as well as in a trolley where people put food," he wrote online, sharing an image of the chihuahua sitting inside it's owners shopping cart.

The dog can be seen sitting inside a Coles shopping cart at checkout.
The shopper wasn't impressed to spot the dog sitting inside a shopping trolley in Coles. Source: Facebook

The supervisor told him it may be a service dog — to which the customer dismissed without the dog in question wearing any clear identification — but the Coles employee said they weren't allowed to stop the woman.

"So I asked if I was allowed to just walk in store with my dog on a lead and she said, 'No I am not'. Nor am I allowed to put my dog in a trolley (which I agree with completely by the way), but I was making a point."

In Australia all assistance dogs must be clearly identified by a suitable coat or harness, with an Assistance Dog collar and lead not enough to be deemed clearly identified.

"The amount of animals allowed into Coles stores at the moment because staff aren’t allowed to approach them is beyond a joke," the customer continued.

Mixed reaction to dog in Coles shopping cart

The shopper who brought her pet into the supermarket is in the dog house for many, as people online chimed in agreeing her behaviour was "gross".

"As if you want a dog's arse and drool and whatever else where you put your fruit and veg. Leave the mutt at home," one wrote, while others shared their belief that "little dogs get away with everything".

An assistance dog handler also weighed in confirming assistance dogs must have identification and they are not allowed in trolleys for hygiene reasons.

However, there was also an overwhelming response of people condemning the man for getting riled up at something as "trivial" as a dog sitting in a shopping cart.

"If you're that worried get a disinfection wipe and wipe all over the trolley. I would much rather have an obedient dog in a trolley that some kid running around the shop," one said.

Another customer shared pictures of him taking a small dog in the bottom of a baby stroller with no complaints. "There's much more worse things happening in the world," he said.

Coles' policy on pets in store

Last year another customer was spotted with their pet at a checkout and Coles confirmed with Yahoo News Australia this was not permitted.

“Assistance and companion animals are welcome to accompany their owners in our stores if they are clearly identified by a collar, coat or harness,” a Coles spokesperson said previously. “We do not allow for everyday pets or animals to enter our stores.”

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