Coles shopper's 'perfect timing' ends with $217 meat haul for just $31

Christmas came early for one Coles shopper who scored a huge haul of meat for a bargain price. The Queensland shopper showed off the hugely discounted finds on the popular Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page.

While the price of meat and groceries has skyrocketed over the past few months, the lucky shopper was able to purchase 25 packs of meat for a fraction of the retail price. Amongst the marked-down items were BBQ sausages for 75 cents, chicken breast fillets for $2.37, pork chipolatas for 99 cents, grass-fed diced beef for $1.40, marinated chicken drumsticks for 99 cents and a pork roast for $4.

"Perfect timing! $217.53 worth of meat for $31.88," the happy shopper shared with other members of the group. "Amazing freezer top-up for our family of six."

Coles meat haul
A Coles shopper scored a massive amount of meat for a fraction of the retail price, just in time for Christmas. Source: Facebook.

Bargain-hunters praise shopper's score

The shopper's post was flooded with comments from others who couldn't believe her luck. "Absolutely blown away by your haul! Well done," one person commented, while another wrote, "Congratulations! I'd give my left arm for a haul or two like that. It's so expensive these days."

When questioned about the use-by date of the meat, the shopper added that all products were still within date and she had already eaten some, while freezing the rest.

"I divided it up and froze straight away. I definitely wouldn't keep it fresh and risk the date. We cooked up the roast pork for sandwiches this week and had chicken drumsticks for dinner. So everything else freezes well," she shared.

Coles supermarket
Coles previously revealed that products are sometimes marked down near the best-before date to reduce wastage. Source: Getty Images

Best times to score massive markdowns

A Coles spokesperson previously told Yahoo News that stores sometimes mark down products near the best-before date to reduce wastage and offer value for money to shoppers.

"We know our customers love good value so when a product is near its best before date we often mark it down so it can be enjoyed for a cheaper price, instead of being wasted," the spokesperson said, adding there's no set time to secure marked down items.

"Markdowns do not uniformly take place at the same time across all stores. There are many things that can impact when this takes place including stock on hand, delivery schedules and team member rostering," the spokesperson said.

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