Coles shopper shocked by strange use-by detail

A Coles customer made an unusual discovery last week, finding that a product’s use-by date was printed directly onto her food.

New South Wales Mum Elisha Bannerman recently purchased a pack of Coles brand traditional crumpet rounds from her local store, only to find the rogue use-by date in the half-finished pack.

In a photo of the product, the use-by date is fully visible, and appears to have been stamped directly on the flat side of the popular morning tea item.

“That crumpet is out of a six pack and it’s the third one from the top so I’m not sure how it got stamped,” she told Yahoo News.

“I’m also unsure if me or my children have eaten any other stamped ones.”

Pack of crumpets from Coles. One of them has been stamped with the use-by date directly on the food.Source: Facebook/Elisha Bannerman
The stamped crumpet was found in the middle of the pack of the Coles brand crumpets. Source: Facebook/Elisha Bannerman

Ms Bannerman confirmed with Yahoo News that Coles has been in touch with her about the issue.

“Coles have contacted me to ask where it was purchased, and for the barcode and use-by date, as well as other codes,” she said.

She also appears to be finding the funny side in the situation, joking that “the codes are a little hard to read when stamped on a crumpet”.

Yahoo News understands that the use-by date’s rogue placement is a one-off issue, however Coles is moving to investigate the situation with the supplier.

What to do if you notice a fault with a grocery item.

Many major retailers have policies in place to protect customers in the event that a food or grocery item is not satisfactory in some way.

Coles’ website states that customers who are not 100 per cent satisfied are encouraged to return their Coles Brand product, empty packaging or receipt to their local store’s customer service desk for a refund or replacement.

Woolworths states that if products are faulty, they will be “cheerfully refunded, exchanged or repaired.” Under Woolworths’ Fresh or Free Guarantee, any fresh food that customers aren’t happy with is eligible for a refund and replacement, regardless of whether it was purchased in store or online.

Similarly, Aldi also offers a refund or replacement policy, stating that everyday items and Special Buys can be claimed under the policy, provided they are returned to store with a proof of purchase within 60 days.

IGA also will reimburse returned items upon presentation of the cash register receipt, according to a Q and A listed on their website.

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