Aldi refund policy sparks confusion among shoppers: 'Wait, what?'

Confused shoppers have taken to a popular Facebook group to debate a strange in-store Aldi refund policy applied in the US.

Posting to the public Aisle of Shame Facebook group, a customer detailed the policy she was informed of in her local store.

“I bought the big tree bag at Aldi for $29.99 on Wednesday. Got it home, and out of the box only to realise it’s much too massive for anything I could ever need so decided to return,” she told the group’s 1.1 million members.

Upon returning to her local store, the customer was told she was entitled to only half of the sales total in return because the item had since been marked down.

A woman packs groceries in a trolley at an Aldi checkout. Customers have been confused by the Aldi refund policy on Special Buys.
A customer was confused by the Aldi refund policy at her local store in the US. Source: Reuters

“I was unaware that if you buy an... item at full price and days later it’s price gets cut in half, you should expect the half price for the return and not the full price, even though that’s what you paid,” she wrote.

“Even if it’s still marked in the aisle for full price, and I had a receipt.”

The customer revealed she was informed of the refund policy at an Aldi in Ohio, in America’s Midwest. However Aldi customers from all over the world have taken to the post’s comments section to weigh in.

One group member labelled the incident as “illegal”, adding: “Wait, what?! But you had a receipt showing you paid full price!”

Aldi customers debate strange refund loophole

The customer’s post was met with hundreds of comments over a matter of days, many of which are from other Aisle of Shame group members debating the grocery giant’s refund policy.

Some Facebook users posted a policy protecting the store from after-Christmas refunds may have been at play.

"Was it bought before Christmas and returned after? As someone who has worked retail during Halloween you'd be shocked how many people try to get their money back after the Holiday,” one user said.

“Usually there is a policy posted about seasonal and clearance items,” a second wrote.

Many American Aldi supermarket employees have also taken to the comments section to clear up the woman’s confusion.

“I’m an Assistant Store Manager at an Aldi, policy is with receipt you get back what you paid for! If you don't have a receipt you get what the system says,” wrote one team member.

“I’m an Aldi employee. Whoever did your return did it wrong. You should have gotten what you paid for if you had your receipt,” said another.

The customer responded to comments stating she has no hard feelings towards her local Aldi and would be heading back to have the situation rectified with a manager.

‘Nothing to lose’: Aldi Australia’s refund policy explained

Australian Aldi customers need not worry about complicated refund policies as the Aldi Australia website states that everything is covered.

An Aldi spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia if a customer had their receipt showing the original purchase value, the full price paid would be refunded.

“If you’re not completely satisfied with one of our everyday grocery items or Special Buys, you can return it for a refund or replacement within 60 days,” the policy states.

The entrance to an Aldi store.
Aldi customers with a receipt can get a full refund on purchases. Source: Getty Images, file

The money back guarantee covers:

  • Change of mind: no restrictions are in place for change of mind refunds

  • Grocery items: any grocery item that customers aren’t satisfied with will be refunded or replaced with a receipt

  • Special Buys: Non-grocery specials will be refunded or replaced within 60 days of purchase with proof of purchase and packaging.

“Shop like you’ve got nothing to lose. Because you don’t,” the policy says.

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