Coles shopper shocked by accidental $800 haul: 'What the hell'

The costly supermarket mishap is more common than first thought.

The cost of living crisis is putting a strain on most Australian households, so you can imagine one mum's disbelief when she accidentally ordered her weekly shop from Coles twice, with a whopping $800 leaving her account.

The woman realised she was in a bit of predicament when she went to pick up her online order, discovering two almost identical orders waiting for her.

"Ever wondered what $800 worth of groceries looks like? well we've accidentally discovered that... adulting is hard," she explained on TikTok. "It's f****** mental like what the hell..I'm like my mini supermarket".

A photo of several Coles bags. Another photo of other products including nappies and cereal.
A mum-of-three showed what $800 worth of grocery shopping at Coles cost her, after accidentally ordering the same order twice. Source: TikTok/raisinglittleswithnik

The unintended haul included lots of nappies, cereal, 10 heads of broccoli, 8 loaves of bread, 2kg of butter, 2kg of cheese, 9 litres of milk, 4kg of carrots, 10kg of rice, 2 whole butternut pumpkins, chicken nuggets, eggs, drinks and more.

"Not a small amount of food but also not a lot of food," she said, which people in the comments agreed with.

"It’s sad because I expected so much more stuff for $800," one person said.

How did this happen?

The mum-of-three claimed the mistake occurred after she thought her first attempt to order didn't work.

"The app did break down when I went through to the checkout," she said. "It said something's gone wrong... maybe my internet. When I went back my trolley was empty and I didn’t have any confirmation emails, so I assumed it didn't go through and I did it all again."

Some questioned why Coles didn't get in touch when seeing the duplicate order, however the mum theorised a number of additions in the second order may have misled them.

"I'm wondering whether maybe the staff at Coles — because it was a Click and Collect — were wondering it was for two different families because they’re marginally different. But I don’t think it’s a Coles issue, at the end of the day I paid for it."

'The exact same thing happened to me'

The first video garnered more than 227,000 views, with many saying they've been in the same situation.

"I've done this before... saved myself some money the next fortnight though," one person said.

"This EXACT thing happened to me on Friday! The C&C lady asked if I had 2 orders so I said no and she offered straight away to cancel the original one," another said.

Yahoo News Australia got in touch with Coles, who said the team are "more than happy to assist" with orders.

"If customers would like assistance with an online order, they can contact the Coles Online customer care number on 1800 455 400," a spokesperson said.

Customers can also cancel or modify their online order right up to the cut-off time without incurring charges such as cancellation fees.

The same goes with rivals Woolworths and can be done at the 'My Orders' page within 'My Account".

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