What Aussies are ditching in the cost-of-living crisis

Aussies have shared what things they’re giving up to make ends meet.

A composite image of a crowd of people walking and comments from the AusFinance reddit thread talking about what people are cutting due to the cost of living crisis.
Aussies have shared how they're fighting the cost of living crisis. (Source: Reddit r/AusFinance / Getty)

The cost-of-living crisis has gripped the nation, with Aussies forced to make some major cutbacks to make ends meet.

On a Reddit post on the popular AusFinance subreddit, Aussies shared some of the ways in which they were cutting back, with some more extreme than others.

The poster said they had personally given up their family fitness passport, their kids’ swimming lessons, the Binge streaming service and all snack foods. They then asked other users, “What small costs are you cutting due to [the] cost of living increase?”

Other users said making an initial investment into a coffee machine for home had actually saved them money in the long run.

“Bought a coffee machine, never looked back. [Facebook] marketplace is where I get most of my furniture and appliances, so much cheaper and helps with recycling as well,” one user said.

“Coffee machine is [sic] my greatest investment. Paid itself back within two months,” another user said.

Other users said they would need to ditch more important expenses due to rising costs.

“Probably therapy once my 10 sessions run out mid-year,” one user said.

Numerous comments even suggested that going back to pirating movies and TV shows had saved them money on streaming services.

One user shared a number of small cost-cutting techniques they had introduced into their everyday life.

“Walking to work 37mins one way instead of catching a bus that takes 25mins. Haircuts DIY,” they said.

“Purchasing presents, especially for nieces and nephews, when they are on sale sometimes several months in advance and leaving them in storage until the date.

“Still buying both groceries and goods but holding off until they are on sale sometimes e.g. sauces and then when they are buying in bulk to ride out until the next sale.”

The same user said getting an expense tracker had helped them massively, and also said sometimes making an initial investment could end up saving money.

“Sometimes spending money can save money. I did a refresh of some of the items at home, including extra large cushions, covers, mats to make it more homely and welcoming to stay at home sometimes and relax listening to music, watching the tele, etc instead of going out,” they said.

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