Coles shopper blasts supermarket over $14 beef 'rip off'

A shopper has blasted Coles on social media for an apparent “markup” on the beef stir fry pack she purchased from the supermarket.

The frustrated shopper shared a post to the Coles Facebook page, in which she claimed the 500g pack of Graze Grass Fed Beef Stir Fry weighed 12 per cent less than advertised.

“440gms for 500gms? Don’t even begin to say it included the packaging. Nice mark up of 12 per cent on every purchase,” wrote the shopper in her scathing post.

Coles shopper weighs beef stir fry contents on kitchen scale
A disgruntled shopper has blasted Coles on Facebook for an apparent 12 per cent "markup" on the 500g beef stir fry pack she purchased. Source: Facebook

At this weight, the Graze Grass Fed Beef Stir Fry, which is currently advertised on the Coles website for $14 per 500g, should have only cost the shopper $12.32.

The woman also shared a photo of the beef stir fry strips sitting on the digital kitchen scales at home, which clearly shows 440 grams on the screen.

Alongside the scales in the scales in the photo, sits the absorbent meat soak pad inside the plastic tray.

Meat soak pad sits inside the bottom of meat package to soak up liquid
Meat soak pads are designed to soak up the liquids from meat, poultry and seafood to prevent them from pooling in the package. Source: Getty

As the name suggests, meat soak pads are designed to soak up the liquids from meat, poultry and seafood to prevent them from pooling in the package and maintain freshness.

One shopper pointed out that the woman should “weigh the soak pad as well”, as this could have contributed to the alleged discrepancy.

However, Coles confirmed that meat soak pads and packaging are not included in the total purchase weight of meat products.

Coles responds: ‘We take measurement very seriously’

A spokesperson from Coles responded to the claims made by the shopper to say: “We take measurement very seriously.”

The spokesperson explained that Coles regularly tests all measurement instruments used to weigh meat products and requires suppliers to comply with measurement regulations.

Coles supermarket open at dusk with shoppers inside
Coles responded to the shopper's claim, saying they "take measurement very seriously." Source: Getty

“We also require our suppliers to ensure their products comply with all measurement laws, and we remove products from sale if we find or are advised they are non-compliant,” the spokesperson said.

“Household scales are not made to commercial standard and are generally not regularly checked for accuracy,” said the spokesperson.

They also encouraged customers to return any items they’re not happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement.

‘Going back to my butcher’: Shopper swears off supermarket meat

Meanwhile, some shoppers flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on buying meat from supermarkets, with some swearing off them completely.

“I hate supermarkets,” wrote one shopper.

Others had no sympathy for the shopper, as she had chosen to purchase the meat from the supermarket.

“So you already know the answer, but choose to buy the product and complain afterward?” asked a second shopper.

The woman who made the original complaint responded, saying: “I’m still going back to my butcher”.

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