The Coles Little Shop gripe that's dividing parents

As the much-hyped Coles Little Shop promotion draws to a close, parents desperate to complete the set have started to take their frustrations out on the supermarket.

Shoppers have been inundating supermarkets around the country, spending the required $30 ever since Coles launched the 30 miniature toys to collect in mid-July.

But with just eight days to go before the supermarket giant stops selling the collectables, frustrated parents say they are “disgusted” that they are being denied an extra toy after falling just cents short of the required spending limit.

“Went to Coles this morning and $0.40 short for the next collectable, I asked if I could have the extra [to which they replied], ‘No you can’t’,” one woman wrote on the Coles Facebook page.

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Posted by Gail Ramsdale on Sunday, August 19, 2018

“Sorry but this is in acceptable (sic) to me, honestly thinking of going elsewhere, this happened last week when again just short of $90, am disgusted.”

One woman said she was also denied a second item after spending $59 only to watch another shopper given free range to pick her desired item despite not meeting the $30 threshold.

“So disappointed. Going through fast checkout, lady in front of me purchased 2 items, milk and dishwashing liquid. I am sure that doesn’t come to $30. But she was given box of ‘Little Shop’ to rummage around in and see if she could feel the one she was looking for,” the infuriated shopper wrote.

Other social media users questioned why the shoppers did not buy something else to push them over the required total, saying the rules are there for a reason.

The Coles Little Shop promotion ends on August 28. Images: Coles

“So where should the cut off be?” one woman asked.

“One dollar difference? What if you spent $28? In my opinion it should be a hard & fast rule. Every $30, no exceptions or else it becomes unfair.”

“This is getting out of control… don’t people have better things to complain about?” one man commented.

“Wasn’t this meant to be a fun idea for children to do?” one person replied.

When asked by Yahoo7 News if there is any leeway for shoppers, a Coles spokesperson said the requirements were set out in the terms and conditions of the competition.