'Disgusting': Woman's horror after green liquid oozes from her Coles lamb roast

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A family has been left traumatised after a leg of lamb cooked up for their Sunday roast oozed green liquid after being pulled from the oven.

Sydney woman Amanda Wright Rima filmed as she squeezed the cooked flesh with a pair of tongs, forcing the substance to leak out of a hole and dribble down the side of the leg.

She uploaded several photos of the spoiled would-be meal, which she purchased from Coles in Kellyville, northwest of the city, for $26.38.

The unsightly liquid shown dribbling down the side of the meat. Source: Facebook
The unsightly liquid shown dribbling down the side of the meat. Source: Facebook

“I was cooking it on Sunday when I noticed something was wrong. I quickly popped back up there and the lady at the customer service desk was shocked and offered a full refund and a replacement,” Ms Rima told Yahoo News Australia.

“She had never seen anything like that before. I have not heard from anyone since then.”

Ms Rima said there was no smell to indicate something was wrong with the leg when she removed it from its bag.

“The real problem is where is the meat coming from and how was it missed. The animal would have been in pain or limping before it died,” she said.

She wrote on Facebook that a man “from the butcher came over and said it most probably is a cyst.”

“Apparently it’s common but the butchers normally cut it out so we don’t see it,” she said.

After sharing the gruesome video and some photos to Facebook, they fast attracted attention from other grossed-out social media users.

“Cooked roast for 40 minutes and went to put the veggies in and noticed something strange seeping out. Needless to say we won’t be having lamb roast again after this,” Ms Rima wrote in her post.

In a comment she revealed she was too put off to cook the replacement leg she was given, writing “I’m too traumatised to cook it again”.

She wasn’t the only one left mortified by the product, with others labelling it “absolutely vile” and some claiming the sight had turned them vegetarian.

“That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I have heard that animals have cysts but I have never seen them. Won't be eating lamb again,” someone wrote in a comment.

“What is that? I feel sick. I won’t be eating roast after this,” another said.

“That looks worse than those pimple popping vids I watch,” a third person wrote.

Coles told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket endeavoured to uphold a certain standard among its suppliers.

“We have strict quality standards that all livestock partners must meet. Coles has already issued this customer a refund and apologised for the unpleasant experience,” a spokesperson said.

“As always we encourage customers to return any item they’re not 100% happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement.”

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