Coles customers slam strict FlyBuys promotion 'rip off'

Coles customers have blasted the supermarket following the announcement of the retailer's new FlyBuys promotion.

The new Dip, Dine and Share Picnicware promotion kicks off for Coles Flybuys customers on August 4.

However, a huge amount of disappointed customers say they've still got a lot of credits left over from the last promotion which will now go to waste.

These credits are from the extremely popular MasterChef promotion, which saw a range of Coles stores around the country sell out of the cookware collection before the promotion ended.

“Hey Coles, how about transferring our MasterChef Coles cookware points to the new promotion?” one annoyed shopper said on the Coles Facebook page.

“The points cookware price and the amount of time to collect enough points was not reasonable. Not to mention the limited stock available in store. I am a loyal customer, but not happy.”

A MasterChef pan (left) and a receipt showing credits (rights).
Coles customers have been left with huge amounts of FlyBuys promotion points, but nothing to spend them on. Source: Facebook

Each FlyBuys promotion gives customers one credit for a certain amount of money spent in-store or online. These credits can then be redeemed for the promotional products.

But the widely popular MasterChef promotion saw cookware fly off shelves before customers had the chance to cash their credits in.

In another Facebook post, shoppers agreed they’d like to have their credits carried over, with some still having more than 100 MasterChef credits which are now set to expire.

“Would have been nice to have the unused Masterchef cookware credits transferred over to this promotion,” one shopper said.

“Let’s hope we can get them this time I have over 100 saucepan points and couldn’t get them,” said another.

Coles supermarket at Brandon Park shopping centre in Melbourne. Source: Getty Images
Coles customers have demanded that their Flybuys point get transferred over to the new promotion. Source: Getty Images

“I still have enough points to buy eight pots, but they disappeared from the shelves in my store weeks ago and so my points are now rubbish, and I am too far away to get to other stores,” said a third.

Others said Coles and FlyBuys should consider letting customers carry their points over so that they don’t feel “ripped off”.

Not all Coles customers agree

Despite some frustrated shoppers calling for their credits to carry over, others say the new promotion should start fair and square.

“So if you ran in a race and you did not win, then ran another race would you ask for your status from the last race to be added to your next race to bump you up in position for the second race? No,” one person said.

Meal on a picnic plate (left), Coles new picnicware promotion promo (right).
Customers will need to start collecting credits again once the Coles picnicware promotion starts. Source: Coles

“I don’t get what everyone doesn’t get about these promotions. They’re not here to make you happy.

"They’re here to get you to spend more money quicker to obtain points.

“They have LIMITED amount of bonus items. If you don’t collect/spend quick enough you don’t get anything.”

Another shopper has expressed disappointment at where the picnicware Coles is giving away was manufactured.

"Coles new giveaway.... Picnicware is from holland. It's a shame companies like this don't support and haven't supported Australian industries," he wrote.

Will credits be rolled over?

Yahoo News Australia contacted FlyBuys to comment on the transfer of credits between promotions, and they referred inquiries to Coles.

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that their promotions are 'while stocks last' meaning customers can sometimes miss out.

“As with many of our collectible programs, the products are limited edition and while stocks last," a Coles spokesperson said.

"Credits will only be available to be earned during the campaign period or such time as there is no stock remaining of the product.

"At this stage customers are unable to roll over their points to a new campaign.”

How the Picnicware promotion will work

Kicking off on August 4, the re-usable picnicware range will be available across Coles stores nationally.

Shoppers will receive one credit for every $20 spent in one transaction in store and online after scanning their FlyBuys card.

When customers have saved up enough credits, these can be redeemed for products in the picnicware range.

Shoppers need between 10 and 20 credits to redeem the range that includes a set of two dipping bowls, a set of two bowls, a set of two plates or two serving bowls.

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