Coles customer fumes over $93 shocker in grocery order: 'Ridiculous'

A frustrated Coles customer has hit out at the retailer online after a delivery mishap left her family 32 items short.

The mother of seven, who did not wish to be identified, recently penned a post to Coles’s Facebook page, complaining about her recent experience with the Casey store in Victoria.

“Today you managed to keep me waiting around 45 minutes with my kids in the car, to deliver the groceries to my boot,” she wrote.

“I have 32 missing items which totals to $93.70, and I have to wait 5 days for a refund.”

The woman’s invoice showed that many essential items were missing from her order, including cereal, tissues, cat food and milk.

Paper invoice with highlighted lines.
The mother highlighted each missing item on the invoice. Source: Supplied

“I hope my kids aren’t too hungry while I wait for you to return my money!” she said.

“This has happened four times in the last two months.”

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, the woman said that when her groceries were loaded into her boot, she asked the team members if that was everything and they said yes.

“When I got home I brought everything in then as I unload them I marked them off on my invoice and that’s when I noticed things were missing,” she said.

Facebook users have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts on the huge number of missing groceries.

“People aren’t perfect so a missing item here and there isn’t an issue, but more than 30 is ridiculous,” wrote one person.

“Coles Online has been in full swing for a long time, errors like this shouldn’t be happening,” commented another.

“Wow - 32 items, that’s horrendous,” said a third.

Customer slams Coles’s complaints process: ‘I’ve had enough’

The Victorian mum has also slammed the process she had to endure to get her money refunded.

“I rang Coles online and told them what happened as soon as I marked off my invoice, and I told them this is not the first time this has happened,” she told Yahoo News.

A shopper walks out of Coles supermarket.
Coles has previously been slammed for delivery protocols on social media, after customers reported inappropriate items being packed together, and orders left ‘dumped’ on their porch. Source: Getty Images

“The guy I spoke to said he’d lodge a complaint for me, and I said that I wanted to personally be put in touch with Casey Coles."

“He put me on hold and rang Casey then he spoke to me again and said the manager of Casey Coles would ring me tomorrow, but they never did.”

The woman told Yahoo News that when she received an email confirmation of her refund, she noted more financial errors, and had to ring Coles Online again.

“I got my email but the refunded amount was $20 short so I rang back and got a woman, she put me on hold and looked into it,” she said.

“When she came back she said ‘it appears the guy you spoke to before didn’t do his math very well, I will amend it and send you another email'."

“Luckily, she fixed the problem and I got the refund yesterday.”

The woman also said that her experience, while frustrating, has not deterred her from shopping with Coles.

“It keeps only happening at Casey Coles so I’m changing my collection point,” she said.

Coles responds to ‘disappointing’ experience

A Coles spokesperson has told Yahoo News that the woman’s grocery mishap has now been rectified.

“We were disappointed to hear about this customer’s recent experience shopping with Coles Online and have resolved this issue with the customer,” the spokesperson said.

“Our Coles Online teams in store work hard to ensure we fulfil orders as placed by customers or provide equivalent substitutions if a product they desire is unavailable.”

Coles Group Limited logo is seen displayed on a smartphone and PC screen.
Coles's website says that Click & Collect options are available via collection lockers or direct to your car's boot. Source: Getty Images

A representative from Coles also followed up on the woman’s initial Facebook post, and expressed their regret about her experience.

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we are disappointed to hear that you’ve encountered issues with our Coles Online service as it is intended to make life that little bit easier,” the representative said.

Yahoo News understands that the woman has received an apology and store credit following the grocery mishap.

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